DAB-FM Antenna

Marine and Land Based DAB & FM Antenna

DAB-FM is an omnidirectional dipole receiving antenna. The DAB-FM antenna covers both the DAB frequency (160-250MHz) and the FM frequency (88-108MHz).
The DAB-FM is manufactured in premium quality materials in order to prevent galvanic corrosion. Radiating elements are made of brass. The antenna is subject for improvement at all times. The antenna has the same rugged design as all other AC Antennas products thus it withstands harsh environmental conditions, both on sea and land. The DAB-FM antenna is built on our famous Celwave base as our VHF-antenna, CX4. The antenna has the same outside dimensions (lengths etc.) as our CX4 antenna.


  • Marine antenna for FM radio and DAB
  • 88-108 MHz / 160-250 MHz
  • Length 1.3 m

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