The MiniPlex-2S is an advanced NMEA multiplexer, combining data from up to four navigation instruments into two NMEA outputs and an RS–232 port. It also supports AIS and other high speed NMEA devices up to 57600 Baud.


  • Data from multiple instruments is available as one single stream on one single cable. This reduces wiring cost.
  • Seamless integration into an existing Raymarine Seatalk® network.
  • All inputs are galvanically isolated, eliminating ground loops between instruments.
  • Full galvanic isolation on the RS-232 port, eliminating ground loops between multiplexer and computer which are often on separate power grids.
  • The MiniPlex allows you to fully control the source, the destination and the rate of each individual NMEA sentence by its powerful sentence filtering and routing facility.
  • Automatic switching between computer navigation and GPS based navigation.
  • Automatic switching between primary and secondary instruments in case of failure or invalid data.

Two NMEA outputs (talker ports) allow distribution of the NMEA data to up to eight instruments.

The MiniPlex-2S can be connected to a computer through the galvanically isolated RS-232 interface for computerized navigation. Stand-alone operation is also possible, in which case the RS-232 interface is only used to configure the multiplexer.
A MiniPlex with firmware version 3.00 and higher can be updated. From time to time we will develop new features for the MiniPlex and make updated firmware files available on the Download page.

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