proTAC 5110

Combined FM radio and terrestrial DAB (digital audio broadcast) antenna. Covers 80-108 MHz FM broadcast and 170-240 MHz Band 3 DAB broadcast.

proTAC 5110 is designed to cover all FM and terrestrial DAB frequencies. Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio technology for broadcasting radio stations, used in several countries across Europe and Asia Pacific. In some countries it is going to replace old FM broadcast frequencies. Antenna is based on a compact and robust design. It is designed to be used together with proFIL 1314 active antenna power feed.


  • Combined FM and DAB (digital audio broadcast) active receive antenna. It covers 80-108MHz FM Broadcast and 170-240MHz Band 3 DAB broadcast
  • easy to use 4-bolt flange mount
  • does not require ground plane – mast installation possible
  • extremely robust

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