proTAC 5315

Wideband LTE and TETRA antenna

proTAC 5315 is designed to cover all LTE frequencies thus being an ideal solution for any LTE modem worldwide.
It is based on a leading design that brings 20-70{e77dff5f1927b8eb6eb8cbef93b19be1cf9b9bfc74421dcbf1e3f76dc28a993d} radiation efficiency advantage compared to industry standard antennas. This can be directly seen as improved data rate and range even in severe conditions.

• Extended version of proven 4G LTE antenna proTAC 5311. It seamlessly covers the range 380MHz – 3GHz without compromises in performance
• Easy to use 4-bolt flange mount
• Does not require ground plane – mast installation possible
• Extremely robust

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